Why Is My iPhone Battery Dying Quickly? 10 Solutions To Fix It


Many reasons cause the iPhone battery to drain the problem so quickly. According to a large number of iPhone users, this article has solved the following reasons for downloading the iPhone battery.

Email push notifications

When you configure the integrated email application, an email notification is automatically enabled. Therefore, you will be notified of each new email. However, your smartphone remains in constant contact and drains the battery.

Solution – Choose “Settings” and select “Accounts and passwords.” Then press “Fetch New Data” and slide the “Push” option. After that, you can set the recovery to 15 minutes or other settings with ease.

Location services

GPS technology allows users to track and record movement throughout the day. However, its location service consumes a lot of iPhone batteries.

Solution – Open the “Settings” application to choose “Privacy” and “Location Services.” Manage “Share my location” and “System services.” Otherwise, you can disable “Location Services” completely if you are not using it.

Suspended Applications

Pressing the home button to return to your home screen does not mean that you have completely closed those applications. In reality, they are only suspended and still drain the battery life without notice.

Solution – Double-tap the home button to access the multitasking menu, or you can call it App Switcher. Therefore, you can swipe unwanted applications to free iPhone battery and save more battery.

Applications and activities that drain batteries

If you ask the question, “Why is my iPhone’s battery running low so suddenly?” After watching streamed movies or exaggerating the iPhone battery application for hours, there is no doubt that your iPhone’s battery runs out too fast.

Solution – You should avoid watching videos, playing games with lots of graphics, and performing other data-intensive activities with your iPhone for a long time.

The iPhone operating system is not up to the data

If your applications and the operating system version have not been updated for a long time, then an iPhone battery discharge problem may be caused.

Solution – Open the App Store to update all available applications. You should also check the software update to install the latest version of iOS 12. As a result, you can fix many errors that can cause the iPhone battery to drain the problem too quickly automatically.

Connection of the application in the background

Many applications run in the background, even if you don’t use them. Not only waste your iPhone’s battery, but also the wireless data connection to maintain normal activities.

Solution – Locate the “General” option and disable certain applications from the “Update background application” option. It is also a good way to check if other iPhone battery errors run out quickly.

It is better to wait to drain the entire battery before recharging.

False. Charging the cell phone frequently does not damage the batteries. There is no problem recharging the cell phone when it is still 60% alive. Several analysts of technology issues agree that the ideal charge for a lithium-ion battery is between 20 and 80% of its capacity. They say that keeping it within those parameters, in general, is optimal for battery life.

That is, not always 100% charged or kept at minimum levels.

On the other hand, several bloggers recommend taking a break from the phone from time to time and turning it off or restarting it at least once a week to maximize the potential life of the battery, both on Apple and Android devices.

Does it load slower on the computer?

The speed at which the cell phone charges depends on the electrical power of the accessories to charge it. In the case of Apple and the iPhone, for example, that power varies depending on the technical specifications of the cables and chargers.

Electric power or wattage defines the speed at which energy is transferred, so the more wattage, the sooner the battery is recharged. For example, an iPhone charger has 5 watts of power while a cable to the computer’s USB has 2.5.

In that case, using the charger is faster.