Our Guide To Choosing The Best Carpet For Stairs Of Your Home


Once you find how to find quality in carpets, picking the best carpets for your stairs is simple. You’ll wish to examine your staircase and the kind of carpets you need.

Straight Stairs Carpet Concepts

A straight staircase is the most kind of staircase. You might choose the appearance of a luxurious carpet or a Berber carpet when it comes to carpets. Extremely valued for its resilience, Berber offers a textured appearance and can hold up against high-traffic thanks to its loop building and construction.

Curved Stairs

A luxurious carpet will shows off the stairs sophistication. You might pick to include a carpet stair runner rather than entirely covering the risers and treads.

Spiral Stairs Carpets

You can carpet this type of stairs depending on the width. Broader, more significant spiral staircases can be carpeted like any other staircase.

Visual Appeal

Easy straight stairs or a staircase with a landing or 2 is a more practical function that can be played up or down depending on the carpet treatment. One or 2 actions down into space must be carpeted the exact same as the space the actions lead into.

Staircase Runners

You’ll want a runner for the upstairs corridor and a coordinating place carpet for the foyer if you decide for a staircase runner. If the upstairs just includes a big landing with the spaces radiating from it, then choose a coordinating rug here, too.

Stair Treads Carpet

You might like a non-slip cushioned carpet stair tread design if you want to show off the woodwork.

  • This kind of carpet treatment will safeguard the wood tread versus wear.
  • It will also avoid possible slipping on the stairs, specifically when using just socks.
  • There are different carpet surfaces, such as a luxurious stack and intertwined.

Carpet Color Choices

When it comes to carpet, there are lots of color options and patterns. Depending upon the floor covering above and listed below your staircase, you’ll wish to choose a color that opts for the rest of your house design.

  • Beige is the most popular carpet color option.
  • You can securely duplicate the wall color in your stairs carpets color, given that the wood will offer the specifying contrast if the walls include a lot of woodwork.
  • The majority of carpet colors will go with these neutral colors if the walls are white or cream.

Carpet Stairs Bridge 2 Levels

  • You need to use the very same carpet for the upstairs hall/landing that you use for the stairs.
  • You must ensure the staircase carpets chooses the downstairs spaces and continue the carpets upstairs in the hall and, ideally, the bedrooms.
  • Choose a color in both for the stairs carpets if the downstairs and upstairs location carpets are different.

Wall Colors and Carpet Color Concepts

You desire to pick one that duplicates the wall color or at least blends perfectly with the wall color if you choose to go with a patterned stair carpet. A couple of examples consist of:

Ogee Pattern: An ogee pattern is perfect for developing an extensive visual to make the staircase appear bigger than it is if your stairs are narrow. This carpet is an excellent option for taupe walls.

Standard Carpet Runner: A conventional carpet style can get several colors in your design. This carpet is a great option for cream-colored or blue walls. A carpet that includes both colors will connect the two levels together if the downstairs carpets or location carpet is blue, and the upstairs is tan or taupe.

Best Carpet for High Traffic Stairs: When searching for carpets, remember that the staircase is thought about a high traffic zone in your home. This will need a different kind of carpets than the one you would utilize in a bedroom that gets low traffic and little effect. The choosing elements for the very best carpet for your stairs consist of the kind of fiber, the yarn twist, and stack density.