Garage Bicycle Storage: Best Tips For Storing Your Bike At Home


Anyone who has a bicycle should think at some point where they should keep it, and nowadays it is a tendency to lift the bicycle inside the house. However, this is not such a good idea when the tires are dirty, and the handlebar is too wide, it can be quite pleasing to the eye, but not very comfortable to lower due to the height.

If you are lucky enough to have a free space to store your bike, the process will be much easier, and there are numerous options that start from sheds to stores to keep our bike safe. It is important to protect our bicycle from the weather, and the rain can damage some parts of the bicycle if we want to avoid these inconveniences, we can choose the bicycle sheds.

There are numerous options for storing your bike. You just have to take into account certain factors such as space and security; this publication is intended to help you with your doubts about storing your bike. There are five categories in which you can store your bike.

  • Exterior
  • Inside
  • In the garage
  • Suspended elegantly
  • Sheds to store your bike

Today you can get pre-manufactured models; there are different types of materials, from metal to wood. It offers a high level of security against thieves, and its size can be adapted depending on the number of bicycles.

Bicycle shops

These tents are often used at times when camping, and some stores offer support for mountain bikers, which suspends the bicycle in the air and allows the bicycle to be easier to wash.

Wall hooks

The hooks can solve the problem very quickly; these hooks hold the front wheel and the rear wheel, allowing it to rest on the wall. It is necessary to take into account the height when it is suspended, and it can be quite uncomfortable then to lower it. Hooks are the cheapest option on the market, and you just need to drill on the wall and hang the bike, of course, keep in mind that depending on the size of the bike it may not be very pleasant for the eyes, especially if you place the hooks on The living room of his house.

Multi-bike Stand

This device allows stacking several bicycles inside, usually used in spaces such as the garage. They remain in an upright position, although it is not usually recommended since, in some cases, the support falls. It must be screwed and ensure that an accident cannot occur in the future.

Keep it away from moisture and light.

Choose a covered place and as far away from the weather as possible. If you have a garage or a room where you have a small workshop of material related to the bicycle, use it.

Check that there are no water or moisture leaks in the place and that no condensation occurs. If the room or room has a window, prevent direct light from falling on the bicycle. If you store it with other objects, make sure there is no risk that it will fall on any that could damage it.

Is it better to cover the bike?

Covering our bike has the advantage that it increases its protection and the protection of dust, which can affect more than it seems to its different components. Use a waterproof case that is easy to store and deploy. You can choose from many models of different colors, materials, and closures (zipper, velcro, etc.).

What is the best support?

There is no problem in that you simply leave the bicycle resting on the wall, but if you bet on using support, you can choose from a multitude of models; individual or for several bicycles, floor or wall, even roof.

Choose the one that best suits the space you have, always making sure that the support supports the weight of your best friend and that you have easy access to it.

Should I use an anti-theft?

Even if you keep your bicycle at home, it will always be advisable to protect it with an anti-theft. In the undesirable case that you suffer a theft at home, it will be easier not to lose it. Of course, make sure that the anti-theft system does not force any component of the bicycle if you plan to keep it for quite some time.

Before storing, take it to the workshop.

You don’t want to meet an unpleasant surprise when you ride it again, right? Doing a complete review before saying goodbye for a while is the best way to avoid it. Pay special attention to the following components:

  • Wheels – Covers, tires, spokes, and hub are the cardinal points of your wheels. Check that they have no bumps and clean them to free them from any dirt. Neither bushing nor spokes should have clearances.
  • Direction and change – The steering bearings should be clean and greased, while in the change, we must look at how the shells are and lubricate the bearings of the change casters.
  • Transmission – The driving part of the bicycle is especially sensitive to the passage of time. Check that the bottom bracket has no water. Use degreasing liquid for these components and check and tighten the screws.
  • Others – Check that the wiring is not frayed. It is also a good occasion to clean the handlebar tape.