4 Steps To Install Decorative laminate


Laminates are known as HPL (High-Pressure Laminates) and are panels formed by different layers of wood fibers, decorative paper, and resin that are compacted under pressure to create a thin sheet, and it is the basic concept that has been determined by many specialists.

However, it is much more than this concept, based on our experiences, these boards are a decorative material that allows you to project your designs or works to higher levels by simulating designs, finishes and textures of the same nature, representation of colors and modern sketches It is also the most versatile, economical, resistant and easy to maintain furniture, wall, and ceiling coverings.

Now, to install decorative laminates in a piece of furniture, which is its primary function, four steps are fundamental:


  • Gather all the materials and tools that are necessary for installation: here are some
  • Exactly for formic, contact paste, spatula with teeth, flat bastard file, sandpaper, router, J roller, electric saw, and a cotton towel.
  • Decorative laminate Deco look, MDF or chipboard, nails, and screws for wood.
  • Next, you must prepare the surface of the MDF boards or agglomerates that will be used to form the furniture, cut them to the corresponding measures, and verify if the surface is neat and without sinking to glue the decorative laminate.

Fact: make sure you have a smooth surface because this tends to deform the final work if you notice a deformation, the sandpaper of 220 – 300 grains is the recommended tool to repair it.


According to the length of the furniture you want to decorate, if it is small, you can cut the decorative laminate with an exact formic. Otherwise, you should use a fine-cut electric saw, before taking into account that you must mark the measurements on the laminate With a ruler and a pencil.

Fact: cut the decorative laminates one or two centimeters more to the primary measure to make sure you don’t leave spaces without lining.


This step requires time and patience for the following:

  • First, you must separate all the pieces of wood and clean the surface of each before installing the decorative laminate.
  • With a toothed spatula, spread the contact paste on the face that is decorated with the laminate and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes, or follow the directions of the glue. You must do the same on the underside of the decorative laminate.
  • Second, when you verify that the glue has dried, begin to join the laminates in each piece of wood, make sure to square them evenly, and press with roller J to avoid that the bubbles remain between them.

Fact: to replace the J roller, you can use a cotton towel by pressing on the laminate with vertical or horizontal movements.


To finish with the soft edge, cut the excess of the decorative laminate with a flat bastard file, if it is a large piece of furniture, the router will be the most recommended and fastest tool. Also, you can use the same laminate as a singing edge. Finish polishing the edges with sandpaper of 400 grains.

Fact: When using the flat bastard file, you should tilt it at approximately 45 ° to have control over the cut.

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