The flexible House security system & Canary flex battery life


Canary’s 2nd entry into the cloud-based house security cam arena can be found in the type of the Canary Flex. This brand-new cam is created to be user-friendly and flexible.

In a market with a mass of completing electronic cameras that consist of the Nest Webcam, Nest Camera IQ, Withings House, Logitech Circle, and more, the Canary Flex includes an IP65 ranking, showing its all-weather capable. That, plus its the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, suggests it can be used inside or out of your house. Is such flexibility enough to keep its competitors at bay?

Smooth style and remarkable construct quality

The Canary Flex cam boasts a smooth, compact, and contemporary style. Thinking that the battery included within the real estate is anticipated to last as much as two months, we’re impressed with the size of it. The brief tubular body sits perfectly in the palm of the hand; therefore, it might quickly be tucked out of sight.

On the front of the video camera, there’s a light ring to show it’s charging or plugged in, along with the electronic camera lens, infrared movement sensing units, and microphone. This charging port uses an exclusive cable television to permit powering of the video camera (or charging must you pick to use it in battery mode), and this helps to preserve the weatherproof score.

A removable magnetic base uses versatile placing according to your needs, and the video camera also features a wall-mounting package that includes a wall plug and a single screw. This is the very first insight into how basic the Canary Flex is to set up, handled, and use around the house.

They consisted of 2.4-meter cable television isn’t enough time for outside use, so you will need to use the battery if that ‘s your prepared use. It’s worth thinking that the Canary Flex isn’t extremely safe and secure either: it ‘s only connected to the wall by a magnetic base, so it might quickly be taken if left within getting range exterior. That stated, Canary also offers a safe install to navigate this issue, plus a variety of other helpful installs for placing around the house too.

Basic setup and operation

The preliminary connection is through Bluetooth from your phone, then you just link the video camera to your house Wi-Fi network, create an account with Canary, and you’re away. The next action is positioning. Canary suggests putting the cam out of direct sunshine with a great view of the space.

Daytime and night vision tape-recording quality

The sensing unit simply didn’t cope well with differing light levels throughout our use. We found ourselves having to rearrange the video camera many times before getting a functional image of the space as any modifications in light – like sunlight through a window, for example – messed up the video footage and made it tough to make out the rest of the space.

Positioning of Canary Flex

Canary Flex used one of the most energy when tape-recording movement with night vision triggered– the more activity it is identifying daily and the longer it is triggered, the more battery it will use. If tape-recording continuously, Movement detection will lower your battery from 1-2 months on a complete charge to less than a week.

To minimize the frequency of taped activity, configure your gadget to be set to personal while in House mode and switch on Auto-mode changing, specifically if the gadget is inside. You can personalize Auto-mode changing in your Modes settings.


Position your gadget to remove as much background activity as possible while still keeping track of the preferred location. If your gadget is running in wire-free mode and continuously recording activity, a lot more so when the environment is dark, the battery will drain pipes much faster.

If the gadgets taping variety is set to long variety as the more background activity your gadget chooses up the, even more, it will decrease battery life; gadget positioning is especially crucial.

Canary flex review: Our final Verdict

All-in-all, the Canary Flex, is a basic, frills-free linked video camera. It’s cost-effective, and it’s definitely simple to use, but it’s doing not have in some crucial place compared to the competitors.

The drab video quality and problems we saw with differing light levels are its most significant issues. The battery life also doesn’t last as long as we had hoped (but it’s simple to charge). Repair these 2 points in the next-gen variation, nevertheless, and the Canary Flex will be a more powerful factor to consider.

We believe the app is properly designed and function abundant, having a battery onboard includes prospective versatility for positioning, you’ll always get 24 hr of recorded video footage (which strolls all over Nest). If you subscribe for the one month of video footage then Canary is more affordable than much of the competitors.

Those positives are fantastic – but without the video quality to match its expected versatility is rather restricted.