Best Buffet Design Ideas In 3 Simple Actions


Among my most significant family pet peeves about the majority of embellishing guidance, is that there is frequently little that works about it. The majority of it comes down to inform us that we need to ‘break all the guidelines’ and simply ‘include range.’

What does that imply?

Understanding that we must differ height or texture or include pops of color is essential, to be sure (and it’s something I do). How do you avoid a visual mess on a narrow surface area or, even worse yet, visual uniformity?

Informing readers to ‘include interest,’ ‘blend devices’ or ‘include something individual’ just makes good sense once you comprehend the essentials of style. It resembles putting the proverbial cart before the horse (or must I state, decoration before form).

Back to Essentials: The Guideline of 3

Before you start to design your buffet table (or any other surface area in your house), there is a universal ‘guideline’ of styling that is incredibly important to understand– which’s the ‘Guideline of 3.’

The ‘Guideline of 3’ goes something like this: Organizing devices in odd numbers– such as 3– is more attractive than organizing them in even numbers. That’s since it is unanticipated, aesthetically fascinating, and more unforgettable. For this factor, it is a standard style concept that numerous designers use.

Back to Essentials: Visual Triangles

Comprehending the guideline of 3 assists when thinking about any surface area in your house, including your buffet table. Here’s how:

Think about your buffet table as having a horizontal airplane and vertical airplane. To embellish that area, both the vertical and horizontal aircraft need to be thought about.

How To Style A Buffet Table

I collected devices that estimated three various heights. One set of 3 was organized together on the left and the other on the.

Decoration Choice Tips: When choosing devices, make sure to 1. These three suggestions will make sure that there is cohesion, consistency, and interest in the vignette you’re developing.

STEP 1: Include The Highest Device

Start with a fresh start.

Include the highest device initially to anchor that side.

STEP 2: Include the 2nd Tallest Product

Taking the 2nd highest piece, put it beside your anchor.

STEP 3: Include The Quickest Product To Total The Triangle

Include your fastest piece to finish your Visual Triangle.

The only drawback is that you can’t merely stick vast bowls of food on a table– it needs a little bit more believed and effort. Typically, you’re still serving the same kinds of food as you would on a standard buffet table, but you’re merely providing them differently. Simply follow my easy food styling and discussion suggestions listed below, and you’ll have everybody thinking that your celebration has been expertly catered!


When developing a food station at the house, rather than a standard buffet table, I would recommend going for approx 80% cold food and 20% hot, to make it much easier on yourself. For the 20% hot food, I suggest setting up a Do It Yourself station so the visitor can put together things themselves.