Battery Fan Camping And Other Curious Accessories For Camping


For some, camping is not just an activity that you do a few times a year or a few times in life, but a lifestyle, and as such, responds to its own rules, its structure, and a kind of articles That make life more bearable. Below, we show you a list of the ten most curious camping accessories, unusual or eccentric, that can be used.

Solar lamp:

If you are a fan of camping and you like to spend the nights outdoors or if you want to give a good gift to a friend who is a camping lover, this is a very good option. Solar lamps or lanterns are charged in contact with sunlight. During the day, they accumulate in their battery the energy they require, and you don’t have to worry about cables or plugs. This equipment is ideal for spending a good time away from the city and constitutes a saving of batteries.

Portable toilet and urinal:

These two elements are the salvation in the campsite for those who find it difficult to make their physiological needs in open spaces, with a lot of vegetation or who do not have a waste area. In addition, portable urinal is special for women who have greater difficulty in realizing their need without spoiling their things.

Sanitary paper dispenser:

The portable toilet paper dispenser accompanies the two previous articles very well. It can be one of the utensils that more than one would think is annoying. However, it is great for those who, even in camping mode, is extremely tidy. And it is definitely not enough to protect your things, in this case, the toilet paper.

Shower bags:

This is an excellent option if you like to maintain the levels of personal hygiene when you leave the house just like if you are in it; The shower bags have different capacities, ranging from two liters to 10 liters, easy to load and fill, with an ideal nozzle to make reasonable use of this vital liquid.

Multipurpose organizer:

So you can organize the tent, and have everything in its place, a multipurpose organizer is the best option, you can hang it inside, or in a tree or where you think it is the best place.

Portable stove:

If the idea is to spend a good amount of camping time, canned food is no longer the best option, because you will surely want to eat something hot or freshly cooked. Well, these stoves are easy to carry, their capacity is incredible, and their supply is for a gas bottle that in addition to not being toxic, is supremely safe, even if you travel with minors.

Swiss army knife:

Without a doubt, when we think about going camping, the Swiss army knife is among the first ideas that come to our mind. The Swiss army knife is one of the best selling camping items in the world and supremely useful, because as times change, this knife has also done it, modifying and adapting; Thus, the knives count according to the needs of the camper, with classic tools that go from the blade to cut and the corkscrew, to spoons and elements to build traps.

Solar charger for mobile:

If you go on a trip to meet nature, it is very common to worry about the battery charge of your mobile phone, most mobile chargers or Power banc, have a limited charge; On the other hand, the solar mobile charger has an almost unlimited level of use, and you won’t have to worry about the cell phone’s battery level while you’re away.

Hands-free umbrella:

This strange device is ideal if you travel in the autumn-winter season or if you go to a place where the chances of precipitation are high. It can be adjusted to the shoulder or upper arm, and thus both hands are available for mobility on all types of terrain. Some of these umbrellas have a water collection system that can be very useful for filling, for example, the shower bag or whatever you consider.


Technology is now our ally in all types of terrain; for this reason, the best way to travel hard to reach, remote, or new terrain without risking getting lost is to use a GPS resistant to shocks, water, and a good load of drums.

As you can see, there are many products that the market offers to make camping a pleasant and comfortable experience. Now that you know them, which ones would you have? Surely more than one will be supremely useful and not only curious or eccentric.

What Makes An Excellent Outdoor Camping Fan?

A portable outdoor camping fan ought to be light-weight and little. The size of the fan straight affects its power.

Go for mobility if you normally bring a lot of other equipment with you. If you tend to go on longer outdoor camping journeys, or go camping with a lot of other individuals, go with power– after all, you can constantly make somebody else bring the fan when it gets too heavy for you.

If you get an unbelievably heavy fan, it may not remain installed in the camping tent at all times. Gravity might do its task, and if that heavy fan strikes you or one of your good friends in the procedure, you will actually feel the weight of that bad choice.

Be sure to examine out the weight of the fan in the item area, and see if you are comfy with it. Some fans can’t be installed to the tenet ceiling, and it’s alright for those fans to be a little much heavier– if you do not mind, bring them around.