Instagram Makers Featured Account Program


Our Featured Account Program

Just what if we got your product out in front of thousands of people; not just other people making products, but real live people who might actually buy?

If you’re game, then sign up for our Featured Maker Account Program.

We will need you to provide us with 2 quality images of your product along with pricing, a website link where the customer can purchase and of course, anything you want us to say about your product.

Products or art will be featured on the Tastefully Inspired Instagram accounts.

You qualify if you’re:

  • selling your own tangible product
  • are an artist or maker of interior design/home decor items

We reserve the right to refuse in order to keep with the aesthetic and branding of Tastefully Inspired – please don’t be offended!

Contact us today!

*We can’t guarantee sales, but put our best foot forward in promoting your items.