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I make a limited number of advertising opportunities available to individuals and companies that I believe are a good fit for my unique audience.

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There are 5 types of ads and guest blogs.  We sell “medium rectangle” ads which are 300×250.

  1. You write an advertorial for $100. You will get one link and it must follow the 10 rules below.
  2. I write an article that incorporates your link for $199. The subject will be a mutually agreed upon topic.
  3. Ad for $49 per month. This will appear on every page throughout the site.
  4. 1,000 Ad impressions for $19. This banner can appear anywhere you wish and our banner software monitors the number of impressions.  A report will be sent to you upon completion.
  5. I review product/service/destination for $199. I will be unbiased.

My 10 Writing Rules

By writing a guest post or advertorial, you’ll get exposed to thousands of new readers and get a link to your site from a high ranking site (that’s valuable)! All you have to do is follow these 10 simple, reasonable rules:

  1. Minimum Length: 1,000+ words. The longer, the better (but don’t ramble).
  2. Subjects: Write about interior design, hospitality design, home decor, retail and DIY.  Other subjects might work, but check first.
  3. Must be original and interesting: If you’re going to write about a well-known subject, it must be super interesting and original. If I don’t learn something new, I probably won’t publish it. Don’t submit something that has been published elsewhere. Exceptions: photos that you want to use in a photo-blog or excerpts from a book you’ve written might work.
  4. Consider running your idea by me first: If you’ve already written the original article, then just send it. But if you haven’t written it, then tell me what you intend to write in 1-2 sentences. If I don’t like the idea, then you won’t waste your time.
  5. Photos or videos: Provide at least one relevant photo or video (that doesn’t violate anyone’s copyright). You can use photos/videos that you have been posted elsewhere.
  6. Byline: Provide a one-sentence byline about yourself, including ONE link to whatever destination you want (e.g., your webpage, Twitter, Facebook).
  7. Links in the article: No more than one external link in the article—and it can’t be a site that you’re involved with. If you prefer to give up your byline link in order to have a link in the article, that’s fine. If you put a bunch of self-serving links in the article, they will all be no-follow links. No limit to the number of links within the article.
  8. I may edit it: I hate editing, but I’ll let you know if I change anything significant.
  9. One-month exclusivity: Do not re-post the article anywhere for one month. Afterward, you may re-post it only on ONE site. When you re-post on your site, you agree to link back to my site by writing somewhere in the article, “This article was originally posted onTastefully Inspired’s site about Design.” Please email me if/when you re-post it on your site.
  10. Publicity: Once the article publishes on my site, you agree to tweet about (if you have a Twitter account) and post it on your Facebook Wall.

If you agree to all this, then email me your article or ideas at Mark at with the subject “Advertising Request”

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