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Tastefully Inspired was born on a long drive down the coast of California on Highway 1 near Marin County.  The goal was to spotlight some of the amazing tastemakers in the design industry.  There was one huge twist.  Delivering their projects and ideas to the world of the consumer in a fashion that did not seem overwhelming or snobby.  Geared for the people who did not have the golden ticket to the showrooms of the world but still had the itch for that something special.

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair

Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air

Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light – Eagles (Hotel California)

After 20 years in the marketing and technology industry Mark decided along with his three daughters why not create a platform for the person who just really loves design.  Armed with an iPhone and a laptop he took a deep breath and went to work.  On a late night in late 2016 Tastefully Inspired took its first breath.  Since AverageJoe.com was taken he decided on Tastefully Inspired.

Mark knew to be taken seriously he needed to enlist some design writing talent.  He begged on his hands and knees and his angels appeared.  Karina Jones, Angela Collins and Kathleen Bandaruk.  The rest (as they say) is online history.


Founder + Editor:  Mark P. McDonough


Mark is proudest of being a father of three amazing girls who inspire him daily. Normally when he is blogging he has the youngest on his lap wanting a sip of his coffee. His motto for everything he does is “Family First”.

With over 20 years of marketing expertise growing brands and making them explode online Mark also has a thriving marketing business.  Mark has worked building the brands of various top designers like The Roger Thomas Collection, Clodagh DesignTimothy CorriganTerry HunzikerLori Weitzner and many more. He also has worked with manufacturers like Restoration HardwareGlobal ViewsStudio A Home and Rocky Mountain Hardware.  Interested in a 5-minute conversation about growing your brand online?  Mark is never hard to reach 415-755-3388.

Mark believes the world of design is changing and good design more than ever needs to be seen.  This is why he decided to create Tastefully Inspired to showcase the true Tastemakers.  (Full professional bio)


Contributor + Designer:  Karina Jones


The world of interior design is constantly evolving, but Karina Jones is staying on the pulse of it all. From trendy design to timeless design, Karina Jones refuses to put limitations on her clients or her creativity. A graduate of the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, she is praised for her ability to push clients out of their comfort zone, while simultaneously embracing their design aesthetic. Karina founded her full-service interior design firm, Karina Jones Designs in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since opening her doors, she has not skipped a beat, creating safe, livable and aesthetically pleasing interiors within a variety of design styles and budgets. An Allied ASID member, Karina also holds degrees in Communication Arts and Education. She leverages those critical communication, writing, and teaching skills to disseminate interior design trends and tips to the masses on her weekly interior design blog, Superior Interiors by Karina Jones, and as a guest contributor on the very popular Tastefully Inspired Blog. With a former background in education, it is no surprise that Karina believes in taking her clients and others on an educational journey, emphasizing the importance of functionality, balance and quality when it comes to interior design. Even so, Karina affirms that ultimately it is truly her clients who are her greatest teachers.


Contributor + Designer:  David Muldrew


David Muldrew, an energetic personality with Irish influences, has practiced interior design in Mexico since 2002.

Having relocated to Central Mexico, David is excited to bring his talent and experiences to the Design Industry. Although new to the area, his young, vibrant personality and unique sense of design will speak to those looking for something a little less traditional and a little more outside the box.  David enjoys traveling, real estate hunting, working out, reading, watching Texas Rangers baseball games, and most of all just hanging out with his wife, children, and friends.

David brings his extensive travel experience to every design and product he writes about.  If you notice his writing is spot on with a hint of spice.  Don’t worry that is just his loveof Mexican cuisine coming out in his writing.  Also an avid photographer David will also share some of his travel photography of the best of Mexican design and travel hotspots.


Lifestyle Contributor:  Kathleen Bandaruk

Kathleen Bandaruk is the author and creator of deepgreenlove.com, a blog devoted to green living and making a difference in our communities. Her followers include well-known authors drawn to her whimsical and influential writing style. She comes to us with years of DIY’s under her belt having created everything from homemade beauty products, to stained glass jewelry and healthy recipes. A classical vocalist by trade, she holds her Bachelor’s in Music from Chapman University and is also a certified Holistic Health Coach and Events Planner.

She currently lives on the east coast with her supportive husband and 2 dogs. They are in the middle of rehabbing their 1950’s home and making it as environmentally friendly as possible. Kathleen calls herself “the original urban homesteader who loves to make peach preserves from scratch and can plan a farm-to-table event like nobody’s business.”

This jack of all trades currently writes copy for a well-known textile manufacturer on the east coast and manages their online storefront. She is also the Outreach Coordinator for the non-profit organization, Sustainable Cherry Hill. In her spare time, when she’s not running her blog and writing for Tastefully Inspired, she can be found singing at her church or working on her freelancing business and puttering around in her veggie garden.


Media Correspondent:  @Yian.Q

Yian Q (“Ian”) is a media correspondent with Tastefully Inspired. His projects include going Facebook live for Tastefully Inspired at design events, producing videos, and creating photo essays.

With a background in graphic design and photography, Yian’s day job is helping designers make their brands beautiful so they can attract more of their ideal clients.  Yian currently lives in New York City and proudly hails from Seattle, Washington.



Contributor + Designer:  Darla Powell


Darla is an interior designer in Miami Florida. Her unique and sometimes off the wall approach to writing is always entertaining, and true to her earthy, contemporary aesthetic.

Darla knows quite a bit about needing a retreat from everyday obligations. She spent the first half of her adult life in a completely different industry, dealing with harrowing situations on a daily basis. Eventually, her true calling would no longer be ignored and Darla launched her interior design career full time in 2016. Her business has been growing steadily ever since, almost exclusively by word of mouth. Clients are drawn to her genuine, down-­to-­earth approach.

Endless childhood days spent rummaging through her grandmother’s antique store gave Darla an extensive knowledge of antiques and collectibles. And she’s got an eye for spotting the diamond in the rough, taking a complete eyesore and transforming it into a gorgeous, elegant and soothing space.


Hospitality Contributor: Maria Lee

Maria Lee’s work has been featured in numerous publications, including Architectural Digest, LUXE Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, and Robb Report. With extensive knowledge in product design and development, Maria has created several collections of fabrics, furniture, lighting and home accessories for retail and trade brands.Maria has designed some of the world’s most distinctive properties from five-star luxury hotels to elegant corporate offices worldwide. Maria is a principal at top design firm DIMENSION. DIMENSION New York has worked in the interior design industry for a combined 30 years, with projects worldwide. Offering a highly personalized and dedicated team, DNY excels at project execution, offering clients an extensive skillset to realize a successful interior design project.  Along with Adrienne D’Agata and Kate Lindenberg the other two principals at DIMENSION they are carving their own path in the design industry.

Contributor + Designer:  Angela Collins


ANGELA COLLINS, from as young as 7 years old Angela made sure she was involved in the redecoration of her bedroom and constantly attempted to convince her mom to update the 70’s décor in the rest of their home. A spark of excitement took hold at the sight of the kitchen in the midst of a major makeover…and it never left! Focusing on creating beautiful yet practical designs, Angela created UK based Luxure Interior Design nearly 3 years ago having studied interior design, including the history of architecture, with The Interior Design Institute.

A single mother of two with a dog aptly named Spud, Angela is passionate about pushing the boundaries and opening up the world of interior design to everyone, she has added a subscription service to her business to allow clients worldwide to tap in to her services. Luxure Interior Design also focuses on helping people through difficult periods in their life with the help of interior design to embrace their new lifestyles and opportunities. With a 56km walk for charity next year Angela finds inspiration for designs on her long training walks whether this be the countryside or through cities.
With over 11 years experience in a consultative sales role Angela understands how to listen to her clients requirements, dig deep to gain a real understanding of their daily life and think innovatively to produce a proposal which will exceed their expectations.


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